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    Radio Rework by Gr4Ss

    Reworks radios to allow player to be on multiple channels. This is only the basic library that allows radio channels to be set based upon faction, class and individual settings (individual settings can be changed by an admin in-game and will be saved).

    There is support for sub-channels (a channel with multiple sub-channels that can be switched between; sub-channels cannot hear each other) and global channels (cannot be listened to, but transmit over multiple channels and/or sub-channels).

    All current channels being listened on and the current active channel are displayed in the top left corner of someone's screen, underneath the health bar.

    Current active channel can be changed with /setchannel, /sc or by using the F1 menu.

    This does not include handheld and stationary radio items! Check out my radio item plugin for those.

    In order to set this plugin up (without using any of the others), there's two things you need to do:
    -Create some radio channels. These should go in the radio/plugin/channels folder. A few channels are included as an example. -Add radio channels to factions or classes (unless you want to manually give out all channels with /chartogglechannel...). Do this by adding a table called 'listenChannels' to the faction or class (FACTION.listenChannels = {} or CLASS.listenChannels = {}). Then add the uniqueID's of the channels you want to give access too as keys, with the value the default channel (e.g. FACTION.listenChannels = {["mi_squad"] = 1}).



    Comment from: Vex 11-10-2018 16:29:19

    "Not a valid channel" every time I try and do /chartogglechannel

    Comment from: Vex 11-10-2018 17:55:47

    Oh, also, setting up listenchannels as you did deleted all CP characters for players that logged in...