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    Player Flags by Vortix

    Irritated by the fact that you need to keep giving flags to someone's characters? Wish you could just give flags to all the player's characters at once? No problem. This plugin gives you many commands to allow you to manage players' flags much easier. The command /plygiveflags will, obviously, give a player global flags, countered by /plytakeflags, which takes global flags. /plyallflags will give a player all flags on all their characters. /plyresetflags will reset the player's flags to none, and /plysetflags will allow you to set a player's flags to whatever you state. The normal /chargiveflags will be affected by the player commands, but usage of the /chargiveexemptflags command will make it so that it cannot be reset by the player flags commands. Same for taking flags. In a future update I will work on fixing this.



    Comment from: DEX 24-05-2016 14:52:23