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    No longer automatically generates a name. Players are now able to specify the name they want their c...
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    PHANTOM MPF by Vortix

    Adds commands for a "PHANTOM" division for undercover operations. The commands are /NewPHANTOM, /GoPHANTOM and /UnPHANTOM. /NewPHANTOM (Name) (Physical description) creates a new ID for you, /GoPHANTOM makes you go undercover using the citizen ID and /UnPHANTOM makes you a PHANTOM unit again.



    Comment from: [Owner SUG] Lazarus 24-12-2014 14:07:56

    How does the /newphantom work? Help

    Comment from: Vortix 26-12-2014 12:16:37

    You need to type /NewPhantom to create a new ID. Sorry, I'll add that now.

    Comment from: Vortix 26-12-2014 12:19:49

    I meant /NewPhantom (Physical description), sorry.

    Comment from: Vortix 16-02-2015 13:14:58

    /NewPHANTOM now needs a name to be given as well.

    Comment from: Finn 1337|Lawl 23-08-2016 21:26:08

    Comment from: Fatulatti 16-01-2017 15:33:32

    This Plugin does NOT work for me.

    Comment from: Sky 16-09-2017 00:35:56

    Comment from: Sky 16-09-2017 00:36:03