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    Personal Doors by [ProRP] Arbiter

    Adds the ability for admins to give some players persistent key access to Unownable doors.



    /DoorSetAccess <Name> <Start Locked? (true/false)> | This allows the admin to set who owns a door. The door must be set unownable for it to work properly.

    /DoorUnSetAccess <Name> | This is used to clear someone's access to a door.


    Note: It has been reported that on some rare occasions after a restart door ownership is forgotten. This does not seem to happen after every restart.



    Comment from: Miliviú(Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) 24-02-2018 21:45:53

    doesn´t work for me, its strange

    Comment from: Cyber Maker 27-07-2018 10:09:47

    Comment from: Cyber Maker 27-07-2018 10:13:15