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    Nova Prospekt map commands by redcatjack

    This is a plugin for rp_nova_prospekt_v7( And versions upward), that I created to work with the map.

    This plugin adds commands that require the "K" flag to function, meaning non-admins can use it. The commands added are as follows:

    • /Alarm - Toogles the Siren + the Klaxon alarm system
    • /AlarmKlaxon - Toggles the Klaxon alarm system
    • /ToggleRedCellBlockDoor - Open/Closes the Red cellblock's gate
    • /ToggleRedCellDoors - Open/Closes all the Red cells
    • /ToggleGreenCellBlockDoor - Open/Closes the Green cellblock's gate
    • /ToggleGreenCellDoors - Open/Closes all the Green cells
    • /ToggleRecDoor - Open/Closes the recreation areas gate

    Read the C16 thead here: http://forums.cloudsixteen.com/threads/nova-prospekt-map-commands.21106/



    Comment from: =[C-G]= Ian 19-03-2017 13:51:56

    This doesn't download for some reason