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    Lockdown by Soviet

    This plugin adds a few new commands, only accessible by high ranking CPs. The idea of the commands is to give the Combine greater remote control of their tech.


    /OpenLocks - This command allows the user to remotely unlock every combine lock on the map at once. Useful during times of emergency.

    /CloseLocks - This command has the opposite effect of the one above. It locks every combine lock on the map at once.

    /Lockdown - This command closes and locks every Combine door on the map. There is a small problem with this one since Combine doors are marked as func_door on most maps so this command doesn't just close and lock every Combine door but also every other instance of func_door which may include things like fridges.

    /LiftLockdown - Pretty self explanatory. Ends a lockdown if there is one.

    /OpenCombineDoors - Opens all Combine Doors, has the same problem as the lockdown command though, so it may open things like fridges.

    /CloseCombineDoors - Closes them.