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    Letters by Vortix

    This adds letters! You can use /makeletter <title> <content> to begin to make a letter. If you run out of space typing your letter, you can use /continueletter <content> to continue it. Want to scrap the letter? Type /deletecurrentletter. Want to send the letter to a player? Type /sendletter <target's name>. Or, maybe you want to make sure your letter is correct? Type /checkletter. So, you've received a letter. What now? Type /myletters to check your letters. The sender's name and the letter's title will be listed there, along with the letter's unique ID. Type /readletter <ID> to read the content of the letter. If you want to scrap the letter, type /deleteletter <ID>. You will be notified of how many unread letters you have every time you get a new letter, and every time you spawn. These letters work on a character basis, allowing characters to send each other messages ICly! This means that if you switch characters you'll find the messages you had on your old character won't show up, but don't worry, they're still going to be there when you switch back (However the letters DO NOT save through restarts).