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    Improved voice commands by Atebite


    Overhauls CW's voice command system to allow several voice commands in one message. Voice commands are split with a single |, and you can add a longer pause between voice commands with additional |s (each one = 0.2s longer wait).

    HL2RP only because of faction checks and other schema-exclusive code. I think something is wrong with this but I can't remember what.



    Comment from: (A.P.G.)Craftking 21-01-2015 22:30:27

    It is not working for my server

    Comment from: Blizzard 27-01-2015 21:19:28

    I know what is wrong... even if typing one thing like 'Copy' you have to type Copy| for the voice command to work.

    Comment from: ?? | BrockDawg 09-03-2015 22:35:41

    Comment from: ?? | BrockDawg 09-03-2015 22:36:20

    If you do something like 3|3|3|3|3 then change characters it glitches the sound doing it forever by the character even after they rejoin.

    Comment from: MrDog 08-09-2017 19:25:03

    Nice plugins

    Comment from: MrDog 08-09-2017 19:25:20

    Comment from: MrDog 08-09-2017 19:25:36

    Nice plugins working for my server

    Comment from: Neko 16-09-2017 22:31:25

    Sadly it looks like its not working anymore :/

    Comment from: Neko 17-09-2017 20:23:35

    Nvm works :D

    Comment from: Wiz 31-10-2017 19:43:56

    Is there a way to make it just a space instead of a | ?