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    Handy SetKey plugin! by Luke The Damn Brit

    What this little plugin does is edit your sh_schema file's setkey lines. This allows the customization of the following:

    • Intro menu music.
    • Intro menu logo.
    • Currency model.
    • Currency type.
    • Shipment model.
    • Default date.
    • Default time.

    Clockwork.option:SetKey("default_date", {month = , year = , day = }); -- sets the default date of which your server is based Clockwork.option:SetKey("default_time", {minute = , hour = , day = }); -- sets the default time in your server and how many days IC'ly Clockwork.option:SetKey("model_shipment", ""); -- sets the shipment model (the crate model) Clockwork.option:SetKey("intro_image", ""); -- sets the menu picture/logo (hl2 rp) Clockwork.option:SetKey("schema_logo", ""); -- sets the menu picture/logo (hl2 rp) Clockwork.option:SetKey("menu_music", ""); -- sets the music in your intro menu/character selection menu. Clockwork.option:SetKey("name_cash", ""); -- sets the name of your currency Clockwork.option:SetKey("model_cash", ""); -- sets the world and inventory model of your currency   -- with the menu_music, intro_image and schema_logo, do not put the main directory after the Garrysmod directory -- in the line. For instance in my FTP when I load it I see the garrysmod directory, you don't need that in the line, -- then inside you have the materials, models, sound, maps directories, you name it, YOU DO NOT NEED TO ADD THOSE -- EITHER. menu_music grabs files from the sound folder, image and logo from the materials folder. If you place a -- sound say in the sound folder, named "IamSound.mp3", then the key would be: "menu_music", "IamSound.mp3". No need -- to add "sound/IamSound.mp3". You will need a fastDl or worhshop file for any file you add, images in materials -- are automatically fastDL as your webhost if you own a dedicated server, should already grab it.   ALL THE INFORMATION ON THE KEYS ARE IN THE SH_SCHEMA.LUA FILE ITSELF. Have fun! First here so I hope it works for you guys, it works for me!