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  • HL2 RP
  • Version: 3
    Upload Date: 08.25.17
    Allows combine to turn off/on.
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    Forcefields by Wowmod

    /fieldadd, adds forcefields only combine factions can go through -- support for turning off and on as combine has been added. --[[ Add me on steam for support. ]]--



    Comment from: Lucky Ninja 16-09-2017 17:57:59

    Isn't this already a plugin? It does the exact same thing from what I am reading. If this is the same then don't copy others and take credit. It is honestly the worst thing you can do online.

    Comment from: Lucky Ninja 17-09-2017 15:32:23

    Ignore previous comment, I didn't know they updated hl2rp and cw.

    Comment from: Khovanet 06-10-2017 21:12:06

    Isolated this plugin to being the reason why my server crashes on player join.

    Comment from: Khovanet 06-10-2017 21:26:50

    Ignore that, still having issues once again.

    Comment from: 09-10-2017 14:13:54