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    Upload Date: 03.20.18
    Updated for the API Removal.
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    Customizable Metropolice Animation Fix by Am Silver.

    Most people can do this by themselves but I added this anyways. :)

    Should fix all the animation errors and T-Posing you might have with theCustomizable Metropolice Pack.

    Updated for the API Removal. This Plugin isn't dependent on the API therefore it shouldn't be an issue. The Code hasn't been updated at all.

    Addons required


    Contact me if you need any help.



    Comment from: Giygas 27-02-2018 04:42:48

    The API was removed from the workshop due to a "Backdoor".

    Comment from: Vanguard [JFC] 20-03-2018 21:17:18

    Thanks for the notice on the API removal.