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    Still working on it :3
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    Combine Suits by Lucky Ninja

    Hello everyone. Do you want to have MPF/OTA uniforms in your server? Now you can with this plugin that I made, you can wear it as a disguise or for something else. I hope you enjoy this, I will be adding more suits later on and there will be a list below saying which ones I am planning to add. If you need help then feel free to add me on steam and ask me a few questions about it. WARNING: YOU DO NEED THE "Metropolice Pack" MADE BY�DPotatoman. I hope you enjoy my first plugin and I hope I get some feed back from you all. Thank you and have a nice day.

    Prices for the uniforms and uniforms I have finished:

    Standard MPF/Union uniform. (500 tokens and weighs 3 kg and needs light blackmarket dealer flag [v])

    Standard Overwatch uniform. (Rare) (750 tokens and weighs 5 kg and needs heavy black market dealer flag [V])

    Elite Overwatch uniform. (Very Rare) (1000 tokens and weighs 6 kg and needs heavy black maket dealer flag [V])

    All of these can also be bought by a salesman (bot) or having the N flag


    GRID uniform

    HELIX uniform

    DvL uniform (ULTRA RARE)

    Shotgunner OW uniform (Rare)

    More ideas coming soon.

    Post in the comments your ideas and direct your problems to my steam account if you want.



    Comment from: Pob 16-02-2016 16:49:29