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  • HL2 RP
  • Version: 7
    Upload Date: 04.22.17
    Vocoders weren't working at all for me, so I added a few fail safes. Apologies if this screws things...
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    Combine Overlay and Sounds Flag by ζ MUCKER MλYHλM ζ

    Simple plugin that edits some functions to create a flag that gives a player access to the the Combine Overlay, VC's, pain/death sounds, and the running gear sound that you hear on units.

    Flag is defaulted to "J", can be edited at the top of the sh_plugin.lua file. 

    Flag for VC's defaulted to "K"

    Shouldn't be any bugs or conflicts, let me know if anything isn't working like it should.


    Lastly, before you try and add me on steam to discuss something wrong with the plugin; comment on my profile before doing so so I don't mistake you for a random.