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    Upload Date: 03.22.19
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    Better Viewdata by Trudeau



    A plugin that completely overhauls the /viewdata system, adding a point record system that automatically calculates the total from loyalty/penalty points, while giving units more information about specific reward/criminal events. Combine can do /viewdata to open a citizen's information.



    • Default data format (seen in image, but filled in).
    • Automatic tallying of points.
    • Automatically given Name/CID information.
    • Attaches unit names to records they add.
    • Admins can view/edit their own data if they are Combine (for testing).
    • Ability to search by CID as well as name.
    • No paywall.



    Comment from: [NHS] Subleader 25-04-2016 21:50:56

    There is a problem, some time one data of a player can be corrupted and cause bug on the save of the clockwork

    Comment from: Trudeau 06-05-2016 01:24:28

    Can you be more specific with how that happened?

    Comment from: Dust 31-05-2016 01:36:40

    This is absolutely amazing. One question though, how do you edit your own data?

    Comment from: Trudeau 19-07-2016 00:42:46

    @Dust, you just do /viewdata [your name], but you can only do it on a combine character

    Comment from: Mr.Anciens 01-11-2016 10:07:38

    Good man

    Comment from: Blizzard 13-07-2017 20:06:04

    Doesn't work

    Comment from: Neko 31-07-2018 17:59:38

    CID is always "n/a" also i cant use "/viewdata CID" to open it up. Please fix it