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    Beta Citizen Clothes by Sloth Claus

    Adds clothing items so that it makes certain Beta Citizen Models work to make your citizens look a bit more "new".

    Feel free to edit it at all but keep the creators name on it.

    Remember that these models only work if you're applying it to the default models that come with the schema otherwise models such as "TnB" will cause an error.mdl to appear.



    Comment from: Duck - Visual Studio 28-12-2014 22:52:35

    Your plugin isn't in the correct format. Try looking here http://plugins.cloudsixteen.com/help.php

    Comment from: 29-12-2014 03:12:40

    Thanks duck, didn't notice that the first time around!

    Comment from: Duck - Visual Studio #shadies 31-12-2014 20:58:19

    Awesome. Approved!

    Comment from: Daniel Sanders 08-04-2015 17:28:45

    Comment from: DARK LORD //Darkside666Gaming\ 21-04-2016 19:42:40

    is this wearable clothes or citizen model?