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  • Version: 2
    Upload Date: 07.17.16
    - Fixed the bright sky right after dusk. - Fixed stormclouds turning into stars when the time updat...
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    Atmos Integration by Trudeau


    • Syncs up the Atmos day/night cycle with the Clockwork time (in the F1 menu).
    • Can be disabled with the 'clockmos_sync' config.
    • Adds '/SetWeather ' for admins to silently and easily change the Atmos weather.


    • This requires Atmos to function.



    Comment from: Quenser 25-04-2016 20:39:03

    11/10 nice.

    Comment from: oopsie 16-07-2016 11:43:41

    Very nice, only issue I've noticed is right before the star skybox is drawn the sky turns to broad daylight for a split second. I'm not sure if it's an error with the map, atmos, or this plugin.

    Comment from: Trudeau 17-07-2016 22:49:32

    @oopsie This will be fixed in version 2.

    Comment from: [SG] noel 07-08-2016 12:01:01

    For me, this addon automatically types: "atmos_paused 1" every time you use it. Any idea why?

    Comment from: Trudeau 27-08-2016 23:17:24

    Because, noel, this addon syncs the day/night cycle with the clockwork time. If it wasn't paused, there would be two conflicting day/night cycles...

    Comment from: CoT 04-06-2018 10:31:46

    how can i change time speed faster?

    Comment from: CoT 04-06-2018 10:32:25

    How can i change time speed change? it's too slow