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  • Version: 4
    Upload Date: 03.11.15
    Fixed some things related to CW update
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    Armor by Gr4Ss

    Armor plugin, works with my gas and radiation zones plugin. Provides an updated clothes base with armor added, customizable clothes, gasmasks and equipable filters.

    Needs the latest version of the equipable item plugin for filters to work!

    Can make your own clothes items with this, or check out my Armor-HL2RP and Armor-FORP plugins for some premade items.



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    Comment from: LittleSky 02-05-2017 00:04:46

    Comment from: LittleSky 02-05-2017 00:05:24

    Comment from: Papabear3g | Primal Roleplay 18-12-2017 06:46:45

    I can't find the gas masks or filters in the items under salesman?

    Comment from: PenguinXD 06-05-2018 16:17:19

    errors fo me any help?

    Comment from: B E Y O N D 30-07-2018 11:53:25

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    Comment from: Creator 31-07-2018 05:43:04