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    Affective wounds by Atebite

    Makes it so that certain wounds affect the player. If hit in the leg, they'll fall over, and if hit in either arm, they'll drop their weapon. The system can be enabled/disabled and widely customized through the config, including the ability to set the base amount of leg & arm shots it takes to have a player fall over or drop their weapon and whether or not the system should affect the MPF/OTA.



    Comment from: Delynx 22-03-2015 09:54:24

    Very nice and good idea, like it!

    Comment from: KoopZ | ??????? 26-10-2015 13:53:24

    Great plugin! Works great on my Server.

    Comment from: DiddyHop 22-08-2017 21:51:05

    Comment from: zoephixical 21-05-2018 15:22:30