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    Advanced Model Changer by karl-police2017[GER]

    This plugins allows you to change stuff from a model like their skins or their bodygroups. This will also save and will not get deleted unless you do something weird but don't worry I made it good so you won't have any problems and its also nice made.

    Thanks to Tyler.exe for helping me and explaining me how to do the SetSkin command. I also learned more about things.

    This plugin is a fixed and an improved version of the plugin called Simple Bodygroup Changer which contains now more commands. Simple Bodygroup changer was made by Cervidae Kosmonaut. Silverdisc seemed also to make edits about Simple Bodygroup Changer. I wanna also thanks dead flag blues for telling me this. I apologize if there was any misconceptions, I didn't wanted to be bad for somebody. I am also confused my self but I wanna make it good again.



    Comment from: karl-police2017[GER] 25-03-2017 12:54:04

    I can confirm that I got that code from somebody since it was a 1 year old plugin, I also forgot how I continued it, I just tested it and then fixed something so bodygroups actually save and don't go away. I want to apologize again, if you have questions